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Saving A Relationship: Male And Female Strategies

Saving A Relationship: Male And Female Strategies

Date Added: May 24, 2010 02:55:33 PM
Author: abjby86
Category: Society: Relationships
The article concentrates on gender relationships, in particular between men and women having a committed relationship, and features the results of the ‘How to Save a Relationship' study conducted in the USA.

Finding somebody with whom you wish to start a relationship is difficult, but making the relationship last may be much harder. No relationship is without conflict. The way in which we handle these conflicts will define our personalities. Some couples will endure harder challenges and this causes them to build up a tighter relationship or it forces them to terminate the relationship. Then there are the families that face large conflicts that occur because of children moving from tweens to teens. No matter what, conflict is inevitable and we all need to face it sooner or later. And to save the relationship we should learn to resolve conflict situations and work on the relationship using diverse tactics.

Evolutionary researchers examined "mate retention tactics" in American men and women and found these strategies include being overly watchful and threatening violence. Men's and women's tactics applied to save relationships differ.To assess traits admired in partners and how they keep their marriages intact, researchers of the University of Texas assessed 214 married people. Men, more than women, admitted that they put-upon their social status and financial success as a tactic to keep their mate interested in them, reported the psychologists. Men also reported to keep their wives interested by making promises of changes and threatening sexual betrayal.

Ladies were also more likely than men to work on their physical appearance as a tactic to keep their mate interested. As far as infidelity goes, it was discovered that if a husband suspected that his wife was cheating, he would try and keep his wife from public activities, threaten punishment and criticize other men. It is interesting to know, ladies who suspected that their husbands were cheating did not work on the relationship any harder than those without suspicions. Unfortunately, some male strategies involved some minor forms of physical abuse of spouses, said the authors. For example, in an earlier study, 72 percent of ladies requiring medical assistance reported that their husbands limited their contact with family and friends, wanted to know the ladies' whereabouts and insulted women.

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